Success Cases


Northwest Physicians Network (NPN)

Northwest Physicians Network (NPN) was the largest independent physicians association in the state of Washington. Given the rapid consolidation of service providers in the healthcare market, NPN needed to become part of a larger group in order to effectively compete. With Harris Northwest Advisors as its financial advisor, the company completed a sale to DaVita Inc., a large, publicly-traded diversified health care services company, and where Warren Buffett is a significant investor.

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Starwave was one of the first consumer-facing internet content companies. Founded by the late Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, Starwave developed a portfolio of internet destination sites, the most prominent of which was Starwave also operated and other leading sports sites. As CFO, Ed Harris assisted in the negotiation of the sale of the company to Disney for $1 billion.




Claircom was a wireless startup which provided in-flight phone service to commercial aviation passengers. Ed Harris was a co-founder, serving as CFO. In that role, he helped the company secure contracts with a wide range of US and international carriers, raised over $100 million of debt and equity financing and assisted in the negotiation of the sale of the business to AT&T for $400 million.



Insight Schools

Insight Schools was a startup which developed online high schools. Ed Harris was a co-founder and CFO. He assisted the company in raising $3 million of startup funding and negotiated the sale of the company to publicly-traded Apollo Group, generating a 600% IRR for the initial investors into the business.